Friday, April 27, 2012

Born Pretty Review- Complete Acrylic system

I have recently started doing my own acrylic nails and was in desperate need of supplies. 
Of course my first stop was Born Pretty Store.

I ordered the complete system for $16.59 and was not disappointed!

The kit includes 3, 30 gram acrylic powders in clear, pink, and white.

They all came with an inside seal so there was no spillage during shipping!

75ml Acrylic Liquid & glass dappen dish (see first pic)
 So my number one concern when ordering this set was the acrylic liquid. I contacted Born Pretty to ask them if their liquid contains MMA, they replied that the factory said it was MMA free. In all honesty I don't know if I believe it, just based on the smell of the liquid. It is really terrible, and has a weird smell to it. I have never personally smelled a confirmed mma liquid but compared to other liquids I have used (NSI, Nailene, Kiss, and American nail) it smells even worse. Also its a clear liquid, which may throw some of you off if you are used to the standard purple liquid.
The powder is great, the pink and the clear, dry completely clear, you hardly need to buff them. The white powder, I find, requires a dryer brush for application, I got a lot of runny wet balls when first trying it out. Final verdict: I love the powders! They can be ordered individually for $2.99 and can be found here : Pink, Clear and White. You can also order all 3 for $5.71 here .

Now on to the brushes; These were the main reason I ordered this specific set.

Hideaway in the handle end.
Acrylic brushes size 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10
#2, 4, 6, 8 &10

 This set included 5 sizes of brushes, in sizes 2, 4, 6 (mainly for 3d acrylic art) 8 and 10 (acrylic nail application) They have a metal handle which doubles as a hideaway lid, I liked these as I wanted a brush with a little weight to it. They came in great shape, and while they are not the highest quality, they are good quality, and I can see these lasting a while with the proper care. I don't tend to put the 8 or 10 back into the hideaway cap just because its a tight fit, and I don't want crazy bristles, but the smaller ones are no problem.

Clear acrylic over 'natural' nail tips
Finally Polished!

Overall I am really happy with this purchase, and would definitely recommend this set for beginners, or anyone who needs practice and doesn't want to spend a fortune on their products. Hope you guys enjoyed this review!
You can find this set here -> Acrylic System 3 Colors Powder Liquid Dish W/ 5 Purple Brushes

Born Pretty has also offered Coupon Code TENOFFK31 for 10% off all purchases, and don't forget they always offer free shipping!

**These products were purchased by me! Although I wish they were free :p