Friday, September 20, 2013

White acrylic with shellac

So I recently did a set of nails for my sister. For the acrylic, I mixed CND additives in titanium pearl with CND perfect color powder in clear in a 1:3 ratio. After filing I topped with CND shellac in Mother of Pearl. I really wish I could pick up the sparkle of the shellac. This is probably one of my favorite sets to date.

Thanks for checking me out :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Shellac glitter rockstar

Some Shellac rockstar nails I did for my best friend. One coat of blackpool with a custom glitter mix and two coats of top coat to smooth the roughness

Julep angela swatch pic

So I finally decided to try Julep Angela. Julep describes it as a 'molten' chrome I believe, I think thats supposed to be a fancy term for a duochrome. In the bottle she looks like a deep metallic green with a very slight purple tinge. Unfortunately the purple is nowhere to be see on my nails. I think its a great fall color, and the formula was better than most of my other juleps. Pics are 2 coats no top coat.

Julep Ginger

So I've been on a Julep kick lately, since I own so many and hardly wear them and Ginger one of my favorites. Julep describes her as a holo (in my opinion she is not a true holo) but she reminds me of those stickers you would get as a kid that would change slightly when you tilted them back and forth. The formula on this one was ok but very streaky and I got a lot of drag marks. I ended up loading my brush and just kind of floating it on. Anyways here she is... 3 coats no top coat.