Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nails of the day x 2

So I have been feeling super uninspired with my nail polish lately. My collection is tiny (comparatively)  and I've worn every colour/stamping combo i can think of without being tacky. BLeh!!!!!! Anyways here are my current nails
You can see a tiny bit of the holo sparkles
Super sparkly in real life.
For this I used Wet and Wild Metallica, topped with Nubar Hologram glitter. I stamped with Konad Special Black, and plate M65. This design gave me a whole wack of trouble, it took me about probably 25 tries to get all my nails done, and even then they are wonky. I don't know why.

Now here's a bonus picture. After years apart I recently reconnected with my life long best friend Nini, who I have known basically as long as I've been alive. So of course when she came to visit I had to pull out the nail polish bucket ( yes it's a bucket). Now your probably gonna be like what it's just another leopard Mani, but the best part of this pic (other than my lovely hand model) is the base colour. This is Color Club Electro Candy, and this is one of the few pics I've got where you can see the true colour, and I LOVE it, even tho I still kind of hate pink.

Now that Nini and I are back together so to speak, we are planning many more nail adventures together, including do it yourself acrylics, so stay tuned :P


  1. Yay! Love both nails. I like how the holo peeks through. And I can't wait for more nail adventures!

    1. Thanks kaki! I'm so happy to be reunited & super excited too :D