Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blast from the past!

Lately I have seen a lot of blogs featuring old Sally Hansen polishes, many of which one of my sisters owned at some time or another, and it makes me sad. I missed out on so many awesome nail trends. One, however, I didn't miss out on was the original SH Chromes. When I was in like grade 9, these were the hottest thing around, and all the cool girls had them, me included. Anyways last night my bfffffff x10000 Sarah, was at my house for a mini girls date night and for whatever random reason we started talking about the chromes, and buying nail polish at garage sales. So she goes i think i still have one in a drawer somewhere, and low and behold the next day she shows up at my house with it, and its still in perfect condition!! So of course we had to do it up old school, check it out!!

No name on the bottle but its blue chrome

Bathroom lights- look at how shiny it is!!

You can see every knick bump and brush stroke

Im in love all over, lol, but seriously this is going with all my stamping stuff cause this is one is super wicko gross-o goody as my son would say. You guys have any old favorites from your younger years still lying around??

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