Thursday, December 15, 2011

Julep Shania Swatch and Review

I recently purchased my first Julep Maven Box, and this was one of the 2 nail polishes I received in it. The colour, called Shania, caught my eye immediately. I have no silver nail polishes in my collection, so I was super excited to try this one out.

Outside cloudy day
Now, as I said, I was loving this colour in the bottle, its a light whiteish creamy silver. No sparkles, which is a change from most of my other polishes, and no real shimmer, it dries shiny, but not super glassy, more velvety.
With 3 coats the colour was true to the bottle (indoors)
Next day you can see it still looks thick and goopy and you can see all the smudges and smears.

Now for the review part....

The formula on Shania was a nightmare. It's thick and goopy, and it pools at the edges. It was too sheer to swatch one coat, so I ended up doing 3. That was a big mistake. Even letting it dry for a minimum of 15 minutes between layers, this just ended up one big mess. After letting the third coat dry for like half an hour, it was still gooey, so I threw on some China Glaze Fast Forward to see if that would help..... it didn't.
I don't know if it was my bad nail painting that was the cause, or if you really need a light to cure this polish but I wasn't impressed.
I am really sad that this was such a fail, because I do really like this colour, so I will  try it again.  And on the plus side their polishes are all big 3 free, and a dollar from every polish sold goes to various women's charities.

Julep Polishes are available on their website  and retail for $14 for a .27oz/8ml bottle.

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  1. You should make a clean-up before taking pictures. And when you are making swatches for your blog, you redo nails that you scratch. Overall it looks really bad!!! And you arent presenting the brand/polish in a good way. I hope you have become better at manicures in the years past :)