Monday, December 19, 2011


I wanna start by saying I LOVE NICKI!!! My favorite song is probably Save Me off Pink Friday, and then Romans Revenge with Eminem. :DDDDD

Ok now on to the nails.... My sister brought home 2 of the polishes from the Nicki collection last night. To say I was excited would be an understatement. Lucky for me she bought the one colour I've had my eye on since the press pics, Metallic 4 Life (named for her song Moment For Life) so here are some pics.

Packed with sparkles!!
idk some people take pics of the labels

Up close 

under artificial light
This colour is AMAZING. If you could bottle rockstar this would be it. 

Metallic 4 life is semi transparent black jelly, jam packed with all different sizes of silver glitter, from tiny sparkles, to medium hex. It was totally opaque with 2 coats no base colour, and it is almost blinding its so light catching. The formula on this is thick, but i liked it MUCH better than any of the Muppets Collection glitters. It painted very evenly considering how glumpy it was from all the sparkles, and I got no bare spots.

My only complaint is that because its got so much glitter in it, the tips of my nails were scratching and snagging everything, and I needed at least 2 coats of top coat to smooth it out. On the plus side of that, the top coat added even more dimension.

All in all this is a definite win for me and I am not disappointed in the least. I can't wait to grab a few more colours from this collection.

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