Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snowy Fail

I get so inspired by other peoples nail art, I often attempt things that are far beyond my skill set. Well today I thought I would try a wintery sponge gradient. As you can see it was a biiiiiiiiiig fail. I probably should have looked up a tutorial or something but that's not how I roll :p

 I had to mix the baby blue since I only own one blue. So I mixed Color Club Pure Energy with Loreal French tip white, and sponged it on first. I then sponged on some Orly Au Champagne which really did nothing, then I sponged on the Loreal French tip white on the edge of my nail waited 5 mins and gave it another go. Topped it off with a coat of OPI Last Friday Night for a snowy feel, and added some dollar store jewels. In retrospect I would have done this completely differently, and I was such a dope to use Last Friday night cause it made the white blue, but ugggghhhh! overall this was a total fail for me :((

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