Saturday, November 19, 2011

Adopt a Polish!

Have you ever wondered what happened to that last little bottle of polish nobody wanted? Tempted to take it home but unwilling to pay full price for a colour you might never wear? 

Well if you haven't already heard, Nail Polish Canada is sponsoring a fun little 'contest' called Adopt a Polish. Adopt a Polish encourages nail lovers everywhere to put in an application to adopt otherwise unwanted polishes. There is nothing wrong with the bottles, they are all new and unopened, but they all come with their own personal quirks.

Currently up for adoption they have the Orly Family. A family of 4 fallen on hard times, just looking to hold the family together.

 Also featured is Angelina Zoyalie. Once at the top of her game, her whole collection was must have, and yet at the end of the day, she was alone. Help put her back on top.

 Charleston Essie, high hopes were dashed when he was found to be the last of his kind. Feeling inferior, after being discontinued, his only dream is to shine in the sunlight.

Last but certainly not least we have COY  (Color Club - Crush On You). Born to be broken, this vibrant little guy just wants a little TLC and maybe a nice base and top coat!

 Personally I think this is a fabulous idea, fun and funny. Make sure you check their site out, You might even get a little giggle from applications, the responses are amazing. I've already put my application in, which one of these lovelies do you want to bring home?

**All pics are from no copyright intended, just hoping to spread the love :D

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